G2E 2011 Conference Highlights

Last week we made our first appearance at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. The conference blends new technology, gaming and networking in a week full of events and seminars. It was great exposure for our iPad player tracking system and caught us up on the newest trends in rewards management and gaming operations.

Here are some of the highlights from G2E 2011:

Mobile – From in-room gaming to hospitality apps, using mobile devices like smart phones and iPads to make marketing and operations better is an emerging trend. From the casino’s perspective, tablets provide that ability for rewards club managers, hostesses and other employees to manage their operations from wherever they are. Instead of spending time on computers and at terminals they can instead walk the floor. For customers, it will soon be a way for them to play from anywhere, including pools to hotel rooms. Very quickly, Apple’s iPad will be a permanent fixture on the casino floor.

Marketing – The casino and entertainment industry has long used paper-based direct marketing to target customers with promotions. Slowly marketing teams have adopted multichannel communication strategies by incorporating both e-mail and text. This trend was evident at marketing talks and walking around consulting booths. As with mailers, tracking the performance of these tools is critical and so the use of QR codes was on full display. We’re excited to be on the cutting edge of these new tools and help develop the right technology to make them effective.

Online Gaming – There’s been a lot of buzz around the like fulltiltpoker.com and PokerStars. For years the casino industry lobbied against online poker, but it is clear that . G2E was littered with seminars and mini-conferences on the topic and¬†the State of the Industry Keynote¬†included a lively debate about online gaming led by Caesar’s Jan Jones.

G2E was a great experience, we learned a lot, made some great connections and, of course, had some time for fun…

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